PdfDroplet is a free, simple little tool which only does one thing:  it takes your PDF and gives you a new one, with the pages combined and reordered, ready for saving & printing as booklets.

With PdfDroplet, you can make several booklet these types:

  • Fold booklets
  • Calendar fold
  • Cut & stack

How it works

While PdfDroplet can work with pages of any size, the following illustrates using pages laid out as A5 pages for printing on A4 paper (A4 is twice the size of A5).

Step 1:

Prepare your book using a word processor
or page layout application.


Step 2:

Create a PDF of the document using one of the
many tools which do that, either from Adobe,
Microsoft, or other source.

Step 3:

Drop that PDF onto PdfDroplet. Choose the kind of booklet you want, and the target paper size you’ll be printing on (e.g. A4).  PdfDroplet creates  a new PDF document, resizing and reordering the pages as needed. (Shown here printed as single-sided proofs.)


Step 4:

Print and fold or cut, as needed for the kind of booklet you’re making.







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